Winter weather policy reminder:

As a reminder, if Hingham Public Schools have a weather-related closing, HDC will close at 5pm on that day.  Transports and dog walking services will be canceled.

Boarding services will be available.

If there is a winter weather emergency declared and travel is restricted HDC will be closed.

If you need to reach us in the event that we are closed please email us at

Thank you,


Dear Puppy Parent,

In an effort to make your experience with Hingham Dog Care even better we are making some changes to the way we operate.  Some of these changes you will notice right away and some of them are things that will be happening in the background.

The first and most important change is to our customer database.  HDC is going digital and has taken on a database that will allow you to have your own customer portal.  You will be able to schedule services, monitor your account, and update your information right from your phone or computer.  

To create your customer account please visit our website at or our Facebook page and click on the sign up button.  After you complete your sign up we can update your vaccination records and you will be ready to schedule services.  September 22, 2018 will be the final day we are using our current system.  If you have reservations beyond that date they will be honored however you will need to request them again through your portal.  If you have any trouble at all please let us know and we can help you at the shop.  You CAN call and make reservations as you have always done but you will still need to have the customer portal.  You CAN sign up with us at the shop if you are concerned about how the system works.  You DO NOT have to schedule daycare in advance however it would be helpful if you told us you are coming in by scheduling your regular days on your portal.

If you are a current transport or dog walking customer you will need to add your service to our calendar for anything after September 22.   If you are a customer that is on our old invoice system please note that you will no longer receive invoices and must pay in person or over the phone.  If you have package credits with us you will see them updated to your account.

Please DO NOT schedule dog walking or transport services to be completed prior to September 22 on the new system.  Please DO schedule your services for anything after September 22 on the new system.

We recognize that this change is an inconvenience and we apologize.  We believe that it will ultimately make your interaction with HDC easier.  Please let us know how we can be of assistance.  We will do whatever we can to make this transition as seamless as possible.

Thank you